1. Game - ASRX
2. First and Last Name in the Server or NO POINTS.
3. Make sure you have Teamspeak - It is Mandatory - No Teamspeak Cant Race.
4. Fighting in Teamspeak will not be tolerated.
5. If 2 drivers want to discuss something - Gripe/Complaining Room.
6. No Cussing at another driver in server or Teamspeak.
7. If you are lagging you will be asked to push the escape button.
8. Ignoring or Cussing a Simfans official results in a DQ - 1 Week Suspension
9. No Retaliation or Ruff Driving will result in DQ
10. No Sitting on Track please push escape button if not kicked out of server and DQ.
11. If you are caught cheating.  Banned from all of Simfans Events.
12. Compaints/Protest to be made within 10 min after Checker Flag as fallen.  After 10 min Results are final.
13. Anything posted about simfans on social media platform will result in a DQ and suspension.

1. ASRX Trucks

Race Event Procedure
1. Hot Laps (1 Hour - 6pm est).
2. Qualifying (2 laps - Private - 7pm est).
5. A-Main (Laps determines which race it is).
6. You Must make at least 1 lap in the a-main to recieve points.
7. All Originial Starts side by side.  No passing before start finish line.  Caught passing deduct at end of race.
8. All Restarts Double File - Leader chooses inside or outside
9. Leader starts the race.
10. If you are caught passing before start finish line.  Actions will be taken.
11. Everyone involved in a caution goes to rear.
12. If you are a lap car.  DO NOT RACE LEADERS.
13. If leaders are bout to lap you just hold your line.
14. If leaders take out lap car because leader cant pass.  Leader will be sent to rear.  But admins will review replay.
15. Lap cars are not allowed to get lap back unless stated by admin.
16. If anyone gets taken out by lap car in top 5.  Will recieve there spot back.
17. Provisionals if more that 24 cars - 22 cars locked in.  1 Fast Time - 1 Points = 24 cars.

18. Lucky Dog is awarded - no one gets there laps back.

19. Unlimited Green/White/Checker attempts..

1. If you are pitting under Caution or Green Flag conditions say it in Teamspeak.

2. Drivers may enter pit road in turn 3 or 4.

3. Cars must enter pit road single file under caution.

4. Stay to the right in pit road until you find your pit box.

5. When exiting pit road re-enter the track pm the backstretch.  DO NOT ENTER off pit road or turn 2.  Exceptions with Daytona and Talladega.

6. Lead lap cars pit first then lap down cars pit afterward.


1. When Caution is thrown do not race back to the line field is frozen unless it is the white flag.

2. If involved in a caution go to the rear.

Actions Taken if Rules not followed
1. 20 Points Deducted
2. 40 Points Deducted
3. 50 Points Deducted + 1 Week Suspension
4. 60 Points Deducted + 2 Week Suspension
5. 50 Dollar Fine or cant come back

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